I speak on a range of employee engagement, talent-management, leadership, and other human resources issues in ways that challenge conventional thinking. I strive to inform as much as entertain because, let’s face it, I don’t want to rattle off PowerPoint bullets any more than you want to watch such an atrocity. By injecting Madonna, cats, and ’80s television characters into HR slideshows (curious? see below!), I offer impactful and fun ways to ponder provocative viewpoints to help create better workplaces.

If you’re interested in having me deliver an enlightening, exciting, and engaging experience, then we should talk!

DisruptHR Philadelphia, 11/15/17
The Myth of Authenticity: Don’t tell people to be their real selves when they can be so much better than that. It’s time to emancipate employees from the shackles of authenticity.

DisruptHR New York, 9/13/17

Equality Is a Lie: What do we mean when we talk about equality? What should we mean?


DisruptHR New York, 12/12/16
Will This Presentation Get Me Fired?: When should it be OK to punish someone for behavior outside of work? And when keeping your job requires keeping your mouth shut, what are the implications inside and outside your company?


DisruptHR New York, 9/22/16
Workers Gone Wild: Where should you draw the line when employees engage in bad behavior? Should you care about all hanky panky or just specific actions? Or specific workers? Or at specific times?


DisruptHR New York, 1/21/16
Oh No! Not Another Performance Management Presentation!: What if achieving outcomes and assessing people based on achieving outcomes are not the same? What if focusing on results is not the best way to get results? What if it’s actually the worst?


DisruptHR New York, 9/24/15
Nobody Cares If You’re Authentic: As HR professionals, we throw around a buzzword that not only lacks real meaning — it’s actually counterproductive. In actuality, we do not — and should not — want authentic employees or leaders. So what do we want exactly?

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